The entire Billing requirements of the enterprise can be managed with the module that allows multi currency invoicing.

The Billing module handles the entire billing needs of the enterprise and is integrated with every aspect of your operations like freight forwarding, Customs broking and etc.

  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Bill Types
  • Shipment History
  • Integrated With All Modules
  • Direct Posting From Operations
  • User-specific Bill Format
  • Draft/Final Invoice
  • Billing Registers
  • MIS
  • Unbilled Job Report

A Fully integrated software with seamless flow of information from operations, it can print invoices, Debit Notes, Credit Notes and Brokerage Bills, ensures that all revenue related information is directly posted in to the bills.

It allows the flexibility of creating multiple types of bill to suit your business needs and provides user-specific bill format.

The module manages tax compliance and gives the flexibility of creating multiple bill types to suit your business needs.

We Make A Difference

  • Integrate Operations
  • Increase Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduces costs

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